With a pretty simple dream, Kam Rauf and Lukasz Bebnowski set out in Adelaide to bring people a new kind of wedding videos. Videos that don’t encompass all known wedding clichés, but take a shot of reality instead. The unique moments that make a wedding a very special day is what we strive to capture on film and edit as little as possible.

Cinecraft - Wedding Videographer/Filmmaker

At Cinecraft, we offer wedding videography and wedding video services. Both of these entail the wedding filmmaker who will capture all those special moments on film and then send them over for processing and editing. The wedding videographer will edit the video as little as possible, but some editing will be needed to offer you the sound and video clarity that represents our services.

How We Do It

When it comes down to wedding videography, photography and a professional wedding video, everybody knows that the shots have to express something. Most however, overuse stereotypes which they shamelessly attribute to their clients.

Cinecraft aims to change that. We want to offer unique services to our clients, each event recording tailored to their respective needs and wants. Given that we work in a restrictive manner as far as locations are concerned, we pretty much have a grasp of all popular venues where weddings are organized. This gives us the advantage, as we already know what are the best shooting angles, where light comes from and how the venue looks and feels.

Our main goal is to seek realness and that means that we seldom interfere with the event. We just have our equipment and do our job without setting up scenes or asking for certain poses.

About Our Goal

We strive to be the best at what we do and our portfolio stands as testimony towards that end. But aside from that, we want to offer up an exclusive service: a wedding video that portrays reality instead of set-up scenes and amateur acting.

While we understand that people might not be as comfortable being themselves when a camera is pointed at them, we do our best to remain as unobtrusive as possible during the event. We want to shoot what really makes a wedding: people genuinely having fun, getting together to celebrate the lucky couple.

Professionals at Your Disposal in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Canberra

Cinecraft started in Adelaide and since then, due to popular demand, has expanded its services to the above-mentioned locations. At first, it was just a dream two brothers had in Adelaide about what it would be like if they revolutionized the trade of a wedding filmmaker. They set out on their journey, offering their professional yet affordable services to the public. And they’re bringing real, legitimate smiles on their customer’s faces ever since.