Most Romantic Destination Weddings

You could either get married in your own city or town, or choose a destination wedding in a very romantic place that is special for you both. You could choose a beach wedding, which seems to be the most popular wedding destination chosen by most of the couples. Choose your favorite beach where you would love to call your family and friends and celebrate your special day. You could choose the sunrise or the sun set to exchange rings and wedding vows.


You could start the day with breakfast and follow it up with a chat and connecting with each other’s family, friends, and relatives. You can then indulge in a lot of fun and games at these destination weddings. Whether it’s a private island or any kind of location that is unique and offbeat and not chosen for weddings, you can have private catering and choose menus that you think might interest your guests. Right from the state of the art, exotic menus to just about any idea you can come up with; right from the dawn of the day till your special moment, you can plan every bit of the day in your own unique style.

Fun games

You can decide the gifts and also the kind of games that you want to have on the day or prior to your special day. You can play many ice breaker games that connect the people of the bride with that of family and friends of the groom. You could read poems, anecdotes, stories, during or just before the dinner. You could also have many interesting sing a song and dance contests on that day. The shoe contest is usually the favorite amongst most of the wedding games.

Touring and sightseeing

If you are a guest at these destination weddings, then you would probably love to go check out and see all the goodies of the place and also buy souvenirs that you can take back home. You could take a private tour with your family or go by yourself or along with your friends. Not every single second is ever spent at the wedding venue. Most of the guests also go on tours and have their own fun, before they can make themselves available for the special moment of the bride and groom exchanging their rings.

You could also hire a videographer when you tour or capture these moments yourself on your mobile. Most of the wedding videographers create moments that are fun and lighthearted.