The Importance Of Unique Wedding Cakes

The concept of having a unique wedding cake for your most memorable day has been adopted by every couple. Being a proudly and strategically placed thing during any wedding reception, a wedding cake represents the crown of the wedding or the center of attention thing for everyone. Having a special wedding cake is a practice for many couples and also stays as remarkable and memorable idea caught on tape. In fact, the moments when it comes to splitting the cake and the pleasurable emotions are always on the top of the focus of every wedding videographer.

While some couples prefer the flare for dramatic experience, others simply want to cherish the moment and tower the way up to heavens on the big day. A wedding cake is a delicious work of art and a focal point in every wedding. It provides the grand entrance for everyone to see and a moment of specialty for the groom and bride.
The concept of the wedding cake has evolved over the years. It all started off as a plain symbol for fertility and a simple memory for every guest to have. Nowadays, wedding cakes are recognized as artistic tradition and often go in line with the wedding invitations, the tone of the wedding and the style in general. However, the symbol of fertility is certainly still present, deriving from the Romans – in fact, did you know they used to throw grains of wheat at the bride and groom to ‘wish fertility’?

Wedding cakes can be experienced firsthand in many shops. However, the narrowing down part is probably the toughest one since the choice is big. The most important decision should always be tied to the colors of the wedding, the bridesmaid’s dresses, the bridal gown as well as the theme of the wedding – whether it’s a beach wedding, a Western one, inspired by Cinderella, Snowflake or other vintage motives.

In the end, if you are looking for a wedding videographer in Australia to catch the pleasurable moments on tape and complement the whole wedding cake theme, don’t hesitate to contact us and let your moments be even more magical!