Wedding Car

The best way to decorate the Getaway car

Decorating the wedding car is definitely a fun and creative way to honour (or even embarrass) the new couple. Traditionally, someone other than the bride and groom decorated the wedding car, and it usually that person was the best man. Now-a-days the bride and groom also gets involved in the getaway car decoration to add their personal touch. Old shoes were tied to the back bumper because leather was thought to ward off evil spirits, and would keep the young couple safe. Sometimes tin cans were also tied to the back of the car, to make noise and call attention to the happy newlyweds.

The whole decoration depends upon the car used for the occasion. If you’re renting a classic car or a Mercedes-Benz, you may not want “Just Married” scrawled all over the hood. Furthermore, if you’re renting a limo or any kind of car, the rental company may already have classy decorations that they will provide. If it’s a rented limo, ask the driver about restrictions before incurring his wrath and adding a hundred-dollar cleaning fee to the bride’s and groom’s bill.

Now coming to the materials to be used in decorating the car, choose things which will not damage the car’s finish. Do not use whipped cream or anything that has sugar in it as it will damage the paint of the car. Spray paints are hard to remove and so avoid them too. So what can you use? Soaps and shaving cream can be used to write on the rear window. Liquid chalk and window markers can be used too. Don’t just stick with the traditional ‘Just Married’, be a little more creative and use phrases like “Just Hitched,” “Finally Hitched,” “Tied the Knot,” “Lovebirds,” “Old Married Couple,””Honk! We’re just married” or whatever you think is appropriate. For a darker car, write on the body of the car itself with soap or shaving cream.

You can also use balloons and streamers to add to the glamour. Decorate the antenna with a bulb, or flower. You can use real flowers or could opt for the cheaper silk flowers. Personalized window clings brings about a sophisticated look to your wedding car. Printer banners are a fun way to add some decoration to the wedding car. There are magnetic wedding banners for cars, as well as wedding banners that can be tied onto the vehicle. Lastly use some clear tape to hold everything down.