The Wedding Formal Wear Options

Weddings are formal occasions. You can hardly think of attending a wedding in your denims and t-shirt or anything remotely semi formal. Even if you are not the groom, or the best man, still you will need the formal wear, like a three piece suit or the tuxedos, and that too in black, when you attend any wedding. You will hardly see anybody all jazzed up in suede or corduroy suits. You could get a tailor made suit or a branded one.

Hire a suit

If you do not want to spend a few hundred dollars on these suits, you can always hire formal wear for weddings. After all, if it is not your wedding, why would you want to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars dolling yourself up. Men do not have to worry about accessorizing themselves as they would only need a well stitched suit that fits them well. They would also need a well groomed beard or be clean shaven. The next thing would be a neat hairstyle. These are not your everyday fancy occasions, so keeping it to minimalism is the most ideal style statement you will make.


Do not use strong perfumes on these occasions. There are many ways to use perfumes or simply take the mist sprays that have a very light affect that stays longer without having a concentrated smell. You could choose the popular brand of perfumes, but there is a procedure to wear a perfume, and it differs for both men and women. So, choose what you wear carefully. Rehearse if you would like, so you make sure you are not making any of your guests uncomfortable with a strong smell of the perfume.


A good tie and excellent shoes are the best accessories for men. Choose a good brand of shoes and a great silk tie if you are not wearing a tuxedo. You could also choose not to wear a tie if you are anywhere below your thirties. Ties are for seniors and the elderly people. If you are still young, you could avoid the tie and focus more on the style of shoes you would wear. At any cost, avoid wearing shoes that have a square toe or pointed toe. These are meant for very stylish occasions, but definitely not weddings. The ideal formal wear shoes for a wedding would be your run of the mill oxford shoes.

A wedding videographer will capture the best of styles and moments before, during, and after the wedding. Every moment will be choreographed to bring out the best of this occasion.