Honey, moon and I: Five things to gift her on your honeymoon!

If you have recently got married and a nice wedding videographer has recorded the entire wedding beautifully, we would like to extend our congratulations and best wishes to you and your partner. We know how it feels to exchange the rings or tie the knot. Being married may be a hell lot of responsibility, but it is equally beautiful. You have someone to talk to, someone who knows you, someone who understands you and respects you for who you are.

If you have found that perfect ‘soulmate’ for yourself, it is time for you to buy some beautiful things for her so that she has that broad smile on her face when you gift them to her. Let’s see what we have got to suggest:

1) Artificial roses – When we say gifts, why do they necessarily need to be expensive? It is time for you to gift those things that would make her joyfully cry. Rather than buying real roses that would wither on the way, it is better to buy some nice artificial flowers for her and gift the bunch as soon as you guys reach the hotel room.
Tip: Sprinkle her favorite perfume on the flowers to entice her.

2) Handmade jewelry – Why not gift her something that only a handful of people gift to each other? Instead of expensive jewelries, buy her a handmade bracelet or a lovely anklet to the sound of which you can recognize her presence in the room. When she dresses up to go out for dinner, surprise her by a nice and artistic piece of handmade jewelry.

3) Your wedding CD – If possible, tell your wedding videographer to give you the raw CD (if it is impossible to give the edited one) right after the wedding, so that you can watch it with her, first, on your honeymoon. I am sure she would love it!

4) Her sketch – So, Mr. Jack Dawson, the big ‘artiste’, how creative and talented are you? If you are able to sketch, make a nice caricature of her beautiful face, frame it and gift it to her. The very next moment – she would be in your arms!

5) Something that belongs to you – Whether it is a gold chain that you have always been wearing, or a ring that you wear in your pinky finger, gift her something that has belonged to you for years (or at least for a couple of months) Trust me – she would simply go speechless!