Every bride should be prepared for her wedding to the maximum, and that often comes with some of the most advanced details we don’t think of when considering the wedding planning in general.

The majority of brides tend to overlook the importance of wedding lingerie and see it as an expense. Now, although the lingerie won’t be the one that it’s caught on your wedding video, every bride should feel at her best and have a complete look when attending the wedding in style.

Today, we are sharing the things every bride should know when choosing wedding lingerie for the special day:

  1. Comfort Is A Key – First of all every bride should know that selecting top-quality wedding lingerie will result in the best comfort beneath the wedding gown – not causing any itch on the skin if the gown is heavier or providing sufficient support if the gown is strapless.
  2. Wedding Thongs Are Best With Sheath Gowns – The thongs made of microfiber ensure the best silhouette on the gown – an important aspect to consider for the lower part of your gown.
  3. Adhesive Wedding Bras Go With Backless Gown – You should always look for larger adhesive tapes especially if your breasts are larger, providing you the best support and ensuring that your bra won’t fall off – and be caught on your wedding video.
  4. Bustiers Are Best Worn With Strapless Gowns – Although the choice of strapless bra may seem handy, a bustier is a part of the wedding lingerie that will provide you with better protection especially for brides who are better bosom endowed than other women.

In the end, you should always consult with a wedding stylist to ensure that your wedding gown complements your wedding lingerie. Overlooking the aspects of wedding lingerie may be the biggest factor why you did not feel comfortable at your own wedding, resulting with obvious stress at times and a wedding video in which you feel awkward and constantly pressing your bra, lifting it or simply not feeling well about your choice of wedding lingerie.