Bride’s Pride: Five things to consider before buying wedding shoes!

So… you are all excited for the big day in your life and there’s absolutely nothing else that you can think of at the moment; you want to lose a few pounds, fit into that sleek customized wedding gown and wear the most elegant make-up to doll yourself up as a beautiful princess bride. But wait a minute… aren’t you forgetting something that’s also as important as the gown? You guessed it right – shoes!

There are hundreds of e-stores and land based stores as well that specialize in wedding shoes; but how do you know which is the best one for you? If you can spend hours together to decide on the wedding videographer for that big day, you can consider at least a few of the below mentioned things before you buy those wedding shoes:

1) Make sure they are white in color – No matter what colored gown you are planning to wear, make sure your shoes are white. It is always good to have contrast shoes on your feet; besides, almost all the brides prefer wearing white gowns on their wedding days. After all, the color represents peace and harmony!

2) Prefer branded shoes – Rather than buying shoes from street shops, shop for branded shoes. Remember one thing – shoes are the only things that are least bothered about how much you gain or lose weight. Therefore, you can wear them even post-pregnancy!

3) The comfort zone – I wouldn’t wish to spoil your mood or scare you, but there are a lot of brides that have fallen on the aisles because of their uncomfortable and high-heeled shoes. If you are not comfortable in heels, kick them off. You don’t need to be peculiarly taller than you actually are; after all, your would-be husband already knows your exact height. Therefore, always find comfortable shoes to wear, even if you have to end up wearing FLATS!

4) Pearls or beads? – This is something that you need to decide depending on your wedding gown. If your gown has beads, go for shoes that have beads; if your gown has pearls, go for shoes that are beautifully crafted with pearls.

5) Possibility of customization – To your surprise, several smart brides prefer customized shoes. They tell their tailors to give the leftovers of their wedding gowns, so that they can get some beautiful shoes made for their big day.

No matter how numb you feel at the moment, use your brains and act smart to get that flawless look on your wedding!