Wedding Videography Services in Melbourne


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If you’re in need of a professional, unique wedding video in Melbourne, then make sure to contact us here at Cinecraft, as we’re servicing your area as well now! Continue reading to find out a bit more about our services and why you should consider working with us.

How We Create the Perfect Wedding Video

As you may already know, here at Cinecraft we strive for one thing above all else – realness. We want to bring to the forefront the unique moments that make up that special wedding day. In doing so, we steer clear of overused clichés and try to do our best in offering a wedding video that incorporates not only the party, but the preparations, with all their special moments which, when put together, create a splendid wedding video.
Our wedding videography services include recording the video in the first place and then editing it so that the final product will be something you’ll enjoy watching for years to come. And that, for us here at Cinecraft, is very important. We understand that this video will be the best window you’ll have into the past to that faithful day.

Cinematic Wedding Videos

Most wedding videos out there will offer you the standard scene: a plain wedding, people having fun, with edited moments and superimposed music to increase a certain feeling in certain moments. While there’s nothing wrong with that, we believe that people are looking for something more than just a standard template applied to any and all wedding parties. That’s why we try to focus on stuff that really matters – like how your guests react, the moments that make the wedding unique, shots that capture the essence of us humans – reality, sincerity and beauty in details.
And now that we’re operating in Melbourne too, we’re glad to announce that you can contact us right away. It’s important for a wedding videographer to know the places, the venues and locales popular for hosting these sort of events. Lighting, setting and angles are crucially important to get the best shots possible and make your wedding video something truly unique, particular to you and free of cheap clichés found in other similar vidoes.