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Wedding Videographer / Filmmaker for Canberra Weddings

Cinecraft are a team of professional wedding videographers with the knowledge of cinematography. We are able to capture the mood and spirit of joyous function and make it into a memorable film. Our professional photographers know how to get the natural moods without any props or artificial acting. The cinematic wedding video technnique enables one to relive the special moments with friends, relations and the expression of many on special occasions.

Wedding videography packages that we offer cover the wedding ceremony, reception,   group photographs, dances and other wedding highlights.  Larger cinematography packages include bridal and grooms earlier preparations and their interviews. Some people opt for covering the engagement ceremony, and invitation video and shots.

Key elements required for wedding videography

High Definition Equipment with digital technology will give better quality pictures and sound than ordinary standard cameras. The pictures will be more detailed and clear. Some of this high definition equipment includes—

  •       Stedicam which operates as a stabilising mount which helps in gliding from one position to the other.
  •       Crane jib enables the photographer to get smooth moving shots from any angle, horizontally or vertically. The equipment works like a seesaw with a balance point to allow larger movement of the camera. It makes the shot interesting and adds height.
  •       Slider of the camera allows shooting of moving shots in seconds. It can also help top reveal more or less of the shot and highlighting on the required images like hanging dress, shoes or jewelry. It is useful in telling the story.
  •       Ariel Videography is photographs taken from a height.  The photos are also taken from an aircraft or helicopter with the camera fixed on its wings. This photography has become popular at weddings to capture groups of guests in the party or wedding.
  •       High Definition Video Camera provides a crisp and clear visual quality in the pictures. The cameras are fitted with low sensitivity cameras and fast lens.


Wedding Cinematography captures the wildest range and scope of events that are visible on the wedding period. All these incidents are interlaced to tell the story of those memorable incidents and guests which would have been not visualised during the course of the wedding. All these pictures are then put together with insertion of music and special effects and filters to give it a movie quality while editing.  The cinematographer shoots with the aim to tell the story from the beginning to the end. The goal of the wedding film is to create an introduction, a climax and then a resolution that will be relived after years of marriage.

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