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Wedding Videographer Newcastle

If you’re planning on having your wedding in Newcastle, consider hiring a professional wedding filmmaker or wedding videographer. The thing you need to understand that such a professional needs to capture the mood and spirit of this joyous occasion and transpose it unto film. That means that experience in or with cinematography is a definite requirement.

Cinecraft offers a range of such professionals at affordable prices. Hire a professional Newcastle wedding filmmaker or a wedding videographer to help you create the keepsake of a lifetime! Using valid cinematography skills, our professionals are dedicated to ensure quality services for your very special occasion. We perfectly understand how much is in the balance here – it’s a very important day for you and we understand that.

Why Choose Cinecraft for Newcastle Weddings?

Whenever you think of a wedding filmmaker, you’re thinking about someone who’ll also direct your whole wedding: telling you where to sit, when to smile and what to do in order to get that perfect shot. But a professional wedding videographer will know how to use your natural mood and self instead. No props, no acting, nothing false – Cinecraft offers unique cinematography services: those which offer truth, realness, spot-on capturing the mood, feel and intensity of the day or evening, without all the forced stuff.

Moreover, given that we’re a somewhat local business, we know our backyard, especially in Newcastle. The venues and locations chosen by soon to be newlyweds are all familiar to us. This means that we already know where to find the perfect light, where the best shots can be taken from and other details that are relevant for our quality cinematography services.

Considering our dedication, professionalism and our references, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve found the perfect wedding filmmaker or wedding videographer. We take our job very seriously, so you can always expect your Newcastle wedding videos to be as memorable as the actual day itself.